Coon Cat Alley Turned Wood Treasures

Woodturnings by Patricia Lloyd and Wayne Peterson

This site is a combination webpage of information about wood and woodturning, and Galleries of our finished turnings, as well as Stories that relate fun tales of our woodturning adventures.  There is also a Blog component, where we will upload posts from time to time.  This is a work in progress; keep checking back for updates.  And, please, give us your feedback, and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Here are some of the topics you may explore:

It really IS all about the Stories:  the stories of where the trees come from and how we transform the wood into finished turnings.  If you want to read stories of our wood gathering and woodturning adventures, go to the Stories tab or click here.

The Gallery tab will take you to a display of our current 2014 woodturnings.  As a member and co-owner of the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts, our work is always on display there.

We also have a Blog.  If you are interested, you may sign up to follow the blog by email and receive a notification whenever we put up a new blog post.

And, don’t fail to explore the links contained in the Blogroll located in the footer.


One Response to Home

  1. Hats off to Wayne and Patricia for this great informative website. Best of luck to you, and many blessings. —-Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff

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