About Us

Patricia W. Lloyd and Wayne T. Peterson have joined their talents to turn finely crafted wood vessels and bowls from primarily locally sourced trees.  Shaping of the wood blanks is a collaborative process, fine-tuned over almost 10 years of experience, to “read” the tree and extract the best possible block, for the desired design outcome, from the wood hidden beneath the bark.  It involves working back and forth between each other’s work (both lathes), seeking the best outcome from each piece of work.  Sometimes the design that we think we want, is not, ultimately, what the tree dictates.

Woodturning is a process of discovery and adventure.  It is opening a treasure box filled with surprises (delightful and dreadful).  Our mission is to find the key to unlock the secrets that hide beneath the bark; to seek out what the tree holds in its “heART”, and to craft beautiful objects that will endure and remind us of their origins.

Wayne procures the trees, operates the chainsaw, and rough turns the blanks.  He also keeps the shop running (electrical and mechanical issues) and does all of the bandsaw and tablessaw work.  Patricia performs all of the tool sharpening.

Patricia designs the shapes, and finish turns all of the wood vessels.  Smooth toolwork, meticulous sanding, and hand rubbing of multiple coats of finishes, all contribute to the “smooth as a baby’s bottom” finish.  Be sure to turn the bowl over; the underside of the bowl receives as much detailing as the utilitarian side.  The design of the foot and various other embellishments make our bowls a pleasure to hold and use.

We give heartfelt thanks to Bill and Jim Wallace, long time woodturning instructors at Alamance Community College.  Bill and Jim started us down this path almost ten years ago, and gave us a great foundation of woodturning skills.  We also recognize Frank Penta as an influential mentor who tirelessly shares his woodturning skills and enthusiasm with any and all who visit his almost weekly open studio;  and Alan Leland who emphasizes the basics of spindle turning as the basis for all woodturning, and generously opens his studio for guild workshops. There are others who have shaped our journey, but Bill and Jim Wallace, Frank Penta, and Alan Leland, are the super turners to whom we will always be grateful.

Pat and Wayne

Professional Affiliations:
American Association of Woodturners (AAW)
Orange County Artists Guild (OCAG)
Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

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